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So trendy and international! Introduction to my favorite green business partner RINGANA.
Be your own boss. Start your independent and sustainable green business.

STORY: It all started over 25 years ago with a tube of toothpaste.

It all started 1996 with a tube of toothpaste brought home from kindergarten by the son of the founders, Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher. Shocked by its many questionable ingredients that they didn’t want their son to be exposed to, and seeing that most skin care products contained questionable ingredients as well, they realised that something had to change. That was the moment when a visionary business idea was born: fresh and effective skin care, manufactured entirely without unnecessary ingredients. It was the start of a success story.

FRESHNESS: Fresh, natural, high-end, effective and sustainable.

RINGANA produces fresh skin care products and natural food supplements. The concept: freshly produced with the most effective natural substances, shipped directly after production to customers.

Every RINGANA product is manufactured in batches several times a month, based on demand. In comparison, a standard industrial product is only manufactured once a year.

This unique freshness concept makes it possible for RINGANA to use highly efficient, sensitive and antioxidant substances from nature that cannot be used in conventional skin care because these products are required to have a shelf life of 30 months or more. RINGANA does not use harmful preservatives, solvents, stabilisers or mineral oils.

Since RINGANA’s fresh skin care does not keep for as long as conventional cosmetics, there is no long shelf-life, which means that RINGANA products cannot be sold through retail outlets.

This is why a sales system adapted to the special needs of their products is key to their commercial success. RINGANA’s core competence is direct selling through self-employed partners who are 100% behind the unique RINGANA philosophy.

TRENDY: Healthy, vegan, natural and sustainable. The market is ready.

RINGANA has been going from strength to strength in the market for over 20 years now and is gradually expanding throughout the world from its home in Austria.

Why is RINGANA so successful? Quite simple: RINGANA is right on trend. They have an answer to all of the needs that define the market today – from health to veganism, and naturalness to sustainability.

But it isn’t only their products but also their sales system that is enormously popular.That leaves one question: when are you going to join RINGANA as an independant partner?

MARKETING: Everything for the perfect marketing image.

RINGANA provides you with everything you need to build up sales smoothly and present yourself professionally – from marketing material to your own web page inclusive of online shop. They take care of store management and fulfillment for you. This gives you a lot of time to build up your business.

EQUALITY: Start right away with no risk and without any big investment.

The RINGANA sales system is as varied as life itself and their self-employed partners couldn’t be more different from each other. Whether you’re a student, a businesswoman, a stay-at-home dad or retired – the RINGANA business is possible wherever you are in life. Simply talk about your favourite product and boost your monthly income.

AMBASSADOR: Establish and manage your own customer base.

Partners are self-employed brand ambassadors for RINGANA. They recommend RINGANA products to others and, by doing so, they acquire customers and new partners. When you recommend the products, establish and manage your own customer base, or build-up and lead your own team of partners, you receive a commission. If one partner acquires a new partner, they gain a team member. To simplify the handling of orders and contact details, RINGANA provides its partners with a personalised online office.

ACADEMY: Excellently informed and supported.

A partner’s role not only involves looking after customers and the team, but also means undergoing continuing education with regard to the products, the company, the philosophy and their own leadership qualities.

By providing that education, RINGANA is giving their partners a big helping hand. Information events and coaching sessions take place regularly, both online and offline.

They have also created an important online knowledge platform – the RINGANA Online Academy – where knowledge is shared in a simple, understandable way using entertaining and informative videos.

In addition, you have a mentor at your side from day one. This makes it easier for you to get your business off to a start, and you can start getting active faster, thanks to helpful tips and tricks. When you sign up as a partner, you choose to work with a certain person – a person who will show you how it all works.

FLEXIBILITY: Work freely and flexibly.

For most people, flexibility is probably at the top of the list of advantages. Because as a partner, you set your own goals. How much time do you want to invest? How much do you want to earn? What would you like to have more time for? Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to get started.

FULFILLMENT: Europe-wide delivery. Overseas coming soon.

Once a partner has sent the customer’s order to RINGANA via the online office, the products are packaged and shipped directly to the customer. RINGANA deals with all of this in the background. This allows partners to concentrate fully on their core business – looking after their customers.

PACKAGING: Less is more. As sustainable as possible.

RINGANA’s product packaging is worth looking at! A great store not only by what’s inside but what’s outside as well. Obviously, they do all they can to give something back to nature.

RINGANA put a huge amount of time, money and thought into their packaging which perfectly protects the products, looks good, and is as sustainable as possible. In keeping with the maxim “less is more”, they always ask themselves how they can cut down on valuable resources such as paper or cardboard.

One of their many innovations: recyclable glass vials, wrapped in organic cotton hand towels made in Austria’s Waldviertel region – an idea for which RINGANA was already recognised with the Luxe Pack Award in 2011.

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Fresh & Eco-Friendly

RINGANA is a winner and right on trend. They have an answer to all of the needs that define the market today – from health to veganism, and naturalness to sustainability. RINGANA operates in an eco-friendly way. The result: pure and effective fresh skincare that can be used with a clear conscience.

Green Business Opportunity

Everybody should have the chance to fulfil themselves in a self-determined and autonomous way. This is why RINGANA has developed a brilliant business concept. You can get started right away with no risk and without any big investment!

Healthy, vegan, natural and sustainable. The market is ready for RINGANA. Are you?


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