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Coworking, Yoga & Raw Vegan Food in Bali

Coworking, Yoga & Raw Vegan Food in Bali

In Ubud, coworking can be combined with yoga, spirituality and raw vegan food. However, it's not always quiet and contemplative here. Of course you can find retreats to relax, but the streets are hectic. Scooters don't get far at rush hour either. If you make it to the yoga studio or coworking space, you have to find your inner balance first. Nevertheless, Ubud is unique, inspiring and transforming. Ubud Penestanan, BaliIn the Penestanan district, you can find the whole range of services in a very small space and without having to navigate through the...

Why We Love WordPress & Divi

WORDPRESS & DIVI THEME: UNLIMITED CONTROL AND FLEXIBILITYWordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and Divi is the most widely used premium WordPress theme. Here’s why this tools can be a better long-term option for setting up your site. WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder, but it isn’t the only one available to...

Plastic Awakening

Plastic Awakening: Does It Make Us Fat, Depressed, and Infertile?I quit plastics because the ocean is my playground, my temple, and an extension of my self-identity. By Kate Nelson aka @PlasticFreeMermaidYears ago, I learned that plastic doesn’t break down, but instead it flows out into the waterways where it breaks up into millions of...

Ocean Grind, Torquay

Ocean Grind is an inspiring and innovative coffee roastery located in Torquay, VictoriaOcean Grind is about a passion for quality coffee and a love of the ocean. It’s about appreciating the coast and the natural environment, the allure of the ocean with the grinding waves it produces.Did you ever think coffee and the ocean have a fair bit in...